Our Syllabus

Our syllabus is broken into two half terms, each group will follow a structured Programme. This is based mainly around the Swim England national plan for teaching swimming stages 1 to 10. This programme will help your children develop confidence in the water, independence and water safety skills. The programme will also focus on stroke development as well as distance, safe entry and exit procedures, turns and under water activities.

We teach Swim England Personal Survival, teaching the children a variety of skills treading water, HELP and Huddle, Straddle jumps, swimming in clothing and information about survival in cold water immersion. All children receive a Swim England progress book, which are updated with stickers. Certificates and badges at a cost of £5.00 each, this is optional.

Splish Splash Swim School Groups

Parent and Toddler (Age 3)

Swim England Adult and Child Duckling

Grade 1 to 5

Non Swimmer (Age 4+)

Puffin to 5m

Stages 1 + 2



Stage 3

Advanced Beginner

50m to 400m

Stage 4


600m to 1600m

Stage 5&6

Advanced Improvers/Club Swimmers


Stage 7 to 10

Learn to swim the fun way…